Data Center Hosting

A home for your hardware. We can include Layer 2 and firewall services to connect and centralise your network in the most secure and stable enviroment available

Bridging the distance

Confidently connect multiple sites with MetroEthernet, Scalable and high speed low latency solutions. Ranging from fibre, Microwave, Wireless on both Layer 2 and 3

Protecting your investment

Securing your network with reliable and trust worthy solutions. Using the latest technology, including IPS, virus protection, Malware and many other solutions

Out of site, but not out of mind

Cloud services offering Virtual private machines, Hosted exchange mailboxes, Cloud backups and shared platform hosting for websites and email

Hosted PBX and VOIP Services

These services include off site or onsite VOIP PBX's, VOIP phones, installtion and SLA's on all the VOIP services. We strive for zero downtime and clear calls. R25 Per extension and R0.41c per minute for Cell calls

Connecting everything all the time

We are highly skilled at the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data securly and seamlessly